Recommended Web sites


External web sites you may find useful or of interest.

1. This fantastic web site is the work of a photographer named Patrick Elie. The site is called D-Day:Etat Des Lieux  which translates as State of Play. As you view the photos in the Normandy Then and Now section, scroll down to see the same wartime scene as it looks today. click here

b.  A second set of then and now pictures is provided by the International Business Times

2. Google has a site that displays millions of pictures. Go to (click here) and type in the type of picture you seek eg: battlefields, WW1, water, insects etc etc.


4.The web page of the Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada (Re-enactment Society)

5.The web page of the Norfolk Militia

6. A leading commercial web page that has hundreds of war movie posters for sale

7. If you enjoy documentaries on a wide range of topics from military history, art, politics etc. you may just want to check out this web site  click here

8. "Ultimate Guide to History Resources"      Wise Old Sayings link

9. With the Canadian combat mission ending in Afghanistan in July 2014, you may find these web sites of interest.

Canadian Forces casualties . It likely will be updated soon.

Coalition casualties in Afganistan.

Canada's role in the war

10. Eyewitness to history

11. The Royal Canadian Military Institute in Toronto.

12. Want to see pictures of planes? Virtual Aircraft Museum

13. Interested in War Art? Try these web sites

Canadian War Art

Canadian War Museum

Veterans Affairs Canada

14. A great collection of post 1945 photos can be seen at this site

Another source of pictures would be this - WW2 in photos.  A 20 part retrospective

15. Commonwealth War Graves Commission

16. WW1 Attestation sheets

17.  Black History tours in Niagara - lectures to educate about the reality of the history of blacks in Niagara. Emphasis targeted to a group of people who with great strength, faith and determination to come to Canada where they made great contributions to this country.

18. WW2 Database.   Another extrememly detailed site for biographies, battles, timelines etc etc.

19. There is now an app for iPads that shows the location of over 118,000 Canadian war dead burial locations.  To download the app you search for "The Fallen" which has been released by Good Digital Culture.

 20.  Le Souvenir Francais Dijon is a web site that has a lot of WW1 pictures.  You may have to brush up on your high school French or use Google Translate for some of the captions.

You may also need Microsoft Office Power point to view them.  Look for La Guerre 14-18 part one and two.

21. Oxford Remembers commemorative events for 2014-2018

22. Air and Space Museums