Upcoming events

 Harold Mills has done decades of research on 3 family members who served in the 3 branches of the armed forces in WWII. He will speak to us about their experiences as he has recounted them in his three books (unpublished). These stories include the landing on Juno Beach on D-Day, the sinking of U 1006, and flight training of pilots on how to land in heavy fog and very poorly lit runways only by the use of instrumentation. Harold will show us pictures he has collected and tell the almost unbelievable stories that accompany them as soon as we can reschedule him.

Ted Barris will return for another dinner/talk on the 1943 Dam Buster Raid into France and Germany- Date to be determined

When/What/Where in the world ?
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Coming Soon!!

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Reopening Club Meetings! 

On August 5th the executive will be meeting to plan and prepare for a restart of the monthly meetings! Stay tuned for all the details.