Origin of the Club
          Who  We Are

The Tillsonburg Military History Club has been in existence since mid 2007 - an initiative undertaken by the late Mr. Robin Barker-James, a well local known military historian.

Membership is open to everyone who shares an interest in World and Military History.

Our fairly unique club draws together a group of men and women of all ages and backgrounds who share an interest in historical and current military events both in Canada and around the World.

You are invited to join us in a warm and friendly atmosphere where you can learn, share and express your own thoughts, experiences and opinions.

When/What/Where in the world?

Below is a picture of the Eder (Edersee) Damin 2004 but back on May 17 1943, during Operation Chastise, the RAF used a "bouncing bomb" to blow a large breach in the dam.  This resulted in massive flooding of the Eder Valley

2. Osama bin Laden, the founder and first leader of the Islamist terrorist group, Al-Qaeda, was killed in Pakistan on May 2, 2011 by US Navy Seals.
Location of meetings

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 153

16 Durham Street

Tillsonburg, ON

N4G 1V7

Google Map
On 1 May 1960, a United States U-2 spy plane was shot down by the Soviet Air Defence Forces while performing photographic aerial reconnaissance deep into Soviet territory.
Soviet C-75 (SA-2) SAM launcher used to shoot down Gary Powers' U2, on display at the Air Defense Forces Museum in Balachinka district, Zarya village
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